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Before becoming FAR Capital Clients :

1. Own one super bad ghostly investment property, bleeding RM2,000/month
2. Own one own-stay property. Bleeding around RM2,000/month for 10 years before we lived in the house
3. Has bad debt of credit card and personal loans more than RM300,000
4. Don’t have any idea about good debt or bad debt

After becoming FAR Capital Clients :

1. Understand about debt and already knows how to come out from bad debts

2. Refinanced his own stay property, even with same monthly commitment, he has able to pay off :
a. Ghostly investment property (saved RM 2000.00/month),
b. Pay off credit cards (reduced RM3000.00 /month commitment)
c. Pay off motorcycle loan (RM 350.00/month)

3. Bought another property in Johor Bharu that manage to get cashback and was able to pay off car installment (reduced commitment RM1088/month).

4. Build passive income almost reach to RM 80k since March 2021 which hustle income has helped reduce commitment.

5. Bought 3 more properties for wife

Learn how Dr. Syed Abdul Khaliq clear off RM250k bad debts and gained more passive income.

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