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FAR Capital believes property ownership should be accessible to everyone, so we strive to simplify property purchasing and provides financial solutions to low, medium or high-income individuals.
Join 20,000+ others get unfair advantage in property ownership.

Real Stories From Real People

"Transforming life for my son: FAR Capital helped me settled a RM 350k debt"
Dr Tarmizi
"Succesfully bought properties worth RM2.5 mil without capital. A step closer to financial freedom."
Koon Kiat Koh
"Settle all 4 personal loan amount RM215,000 after 3 months joined FAR Capital"

How Do We Improve Your Life?

Extensive Education

Get access to real estate investment and financial education from top property gurus.

Debt Reduction

Manage and reduce your monthly-debt commitments.

Maximize Existing Property Asset

Helping you increase and improve your monthly cashflow.

Buy Property With Good Cashflow

Lucrative property selections that give our clients competitive advantages.
Join 20,000+ others get unfair advantage in property ownership.

Meet Faizul Ridzuan

Appointed as one of the Panels of Experts and Strategic Collaborative Partner under HOPE program by Ministry of Housing Malaysia.

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