Went to the showroom and compare the price that FAR Capital offered me – Fairuz A Gani


Before becoming FAR Capital Clients :

1. Bleeding with negative cash flow for 4 years due to wrong property investment strategy

2. No capital to buy another property due to 70% loan eligibility.

3. ‘Trauma’ with property investment due to bad experience buy the wrong property

After becoming FAR Capital Clients :

1. Manage to buy positive cash flow property to cover the bad debt on previous property +ve CF property: pairing strategy to cover the bleeding

2. Bought grade A property with no capital, even for 70% loan eligibility. Now in the process buy property for my wife, even she is a housewife.

3. Becoming a part-time REN in other agencies by leveraging knowledge & network in FAR Capital.

Fairuz experience with FAR Capital :

FAR Capital help reduced ‘Hutang Jahat’ and this allows me to increase the loan eligibility that can make me buy grade A property with zero capital after implementing knowledge shared.

The properties we are buying as clients make me save RM72k. I did my due diligence before buying the property. Went to the showroom and compare the price that FAR cap offered me.

Learn how Fairuz A Gani be able to buy Grade A property with zero capital even at 70% loan eligibility.


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