Opening Ceremony of 62th Universiti Malaya Convocation


Universiti Malaya is a local educational institution reowned for producing many prominent leaders and icons, which includes Faizul Ridzuan, the founder and CEO of FAR Capital.

The oldest and highest ranking Malaysian institution of higher education recently invited Faizul to be their Alumni Representative to officially open the 62nd Universiti Malaya Convocation Ceremony.

The annual role is an honourable position accorded to their most exemplary alums who have achieved high levels of excellence in contributing to the nation.

The ceremony kicked off with a speech by Faizul congratulating the graduates for completing their academic journey.

He applauded family memers and other individuals who guided and motivated the graduates saying, “I believe it’s your responsibility now to utilize the knowledge and skills you learned from the university and contribute to the society and country.”



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