Get RM1000 monthly positive cash flow from the property he bought under FAR CAPITAL – Amirul Asyraf

Before becoming FAR Capital Clients :

1. Bought an expensive car right after my 1st contract which I didn’t realize it impacts my financial in long term.

2. My mother fell down at home while I’m onboard and caused a bone crack on her left arm. I don’t even know about that up until a month later when I met her during port stay.

3. Later I realize that i can’t be doing and staying in this job for a longer period. I need to find a way to quit and before I quit, I need to have enough passive income.

After becoming FAR Capital Clients :

1. Realizing that the money i spend for my car doesn’t help me to create any income. Yet it keep me stuck from creating more passive income. Later I’m able to sold it off immediately.

2. Being able to bought 2 properties. One is already completed which gives me almost RM1000 positive cashflow every month today. One more property is still under construction.

3. Thanks to FAR Capital’s platform and eco system. They enable me to simplify my journey to achieve my ‘RM5000 passive income per month before quit’ goals.

Amirul experience with FAR Capital :

Without FAR Capital, I will still trying to hang onto my car commitment because I have no problem paying it. FAR Capital help me to realize that the car will be my main obstacle in achieving my goal and my goal is my main priority.

I am able to achieve RM1,000 positive cash flow from a property that I bought thru FAR Capital. I have no doubts about their capabilities and expertise in this area.

I personally have studied the method FAR Capital is using to find this kind of property. I tried to apply and it is very time-consuming. But I still can’t be able to get similar deal as what FAR Capital is having. Hence why I let them do the work and I can focus foresee on another important part of my investment journey.

I’m one of those many many people that is impacted during the pandemic. From 4 months of ‘leave day’, now I’m on my 8th month of leave with zero income. Alhamdulillah, FAR Capital really helps me a lot to support myself during this extra period of stay.

The skill that they taught me on hustle income is so much priceless. I can bring those skills and use it somewhere that can produce more value to me.


Learn how Amirul Asyraf get RM1,000 monthly positive cashflow from the property he bought.

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