Cleared RM70k bad debt, regained LTV 90% quota within 5 months – Farid Hassan

Before becoming FAR Capital Clients :

1. Having trouble in settling bad debt
2. No direction, and having the perception that property investment is a risky game
3. Having the impression that FR and FAR Capital is just ‘too good to be true

After becoming FAR Capital Clients :

1. Better cashflow after settling personal loan bad debt
2. Satisfied when the knowledge shared is benefiting those who wish to change their life
3. Feeling more motivated to expand my property portfolio, since FAR Capital offers all that I need, from a mentor, platform, network, and of course crazy property deals!

Farid experience with FAR Capital :

Wife’s personal loan is all because of me after needing urgent cash 7 years ago, 7 years gone and her personal loan principal amount is still the same! DC teams have helped me significantly in providing a solution, specially tailored for my case. I was advised what to do and how to execute it. 

The bad debt is now gone, in addition, I have regained back my 2nd 90% LTV, and looking forward to hunting for my next property deals in FAR Capital very soon. And of course, you will be mind blown with the crazy property deals in FAR Capital!

Kudos FAR Capital!


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