All This While I Earned Money Just to Pay My Debt and Survive – Wijay N.b.

I am an unemployed investor who had a variety of businesses. My last business was an advertising agency. I had to shut that down in 2012 to become a full-time property investor. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst after.




My initial education in property is by reading books and research. Something that I found out after doing all these is that the commonality among wealthy people is that they have property portfolios. This was supposed to be the leverage that escalates someone from being rich to being wealthy.


From that point onwards, I knew I needed to buy a property. Before I joined Far Capital I had accumulated several residential properties, roughly about ten residential properties. Then I went to commercial property, which is my downfall.


The property guru claimed to know how to find valuable properties. He would buy the entire project and slice it up. We would buy a portion of it. Upon completion, we couldn’t get a tenant for up to 10 years now. Each property is worth RM 1 million. The monthly commitment became too much to bear, so I ended up selling all of it.




I was desperate when I got in touch with Faizul and asked him if he could spare some time with him for a 1 to 1 consultation. He said the RM 3 million burdens I had was difficult to fix, but he could help me solve my RM10,000 monthly problem. He invited me to be a FAR Capital client to learn how to do this. During this time, I learned about how to do hustle income.


Far Capital has a system that allows the clients to get a valuable property at reasonable prices. If the property doesn’t meet the 7 important criteria Far Capital had set, they wouldn’t even put it up for the clients to acquire. Far Cap offers a whole range of services, and you as a client can focus on being an investor while leaving the rest to Far Cap.




All this while what I was always on my toe looking for money to fulfil my monthly commitment. Hustle income provides me with the opportunity to earn a 5-figures income. Now that I’m doing hustle income with FAR Capital, as the main source of income. Thank you, Far Capital for giving me this opportunity.

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