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Clearing Overhang Units


Selling 50-100 Units Within 6 Months to help improve project's cashflow

Bumiputera Units

Helping To Meet Bumiputera Quota Requirements

New Project Launch

Preparing New Project Launch For Success
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Clearing Overhang Units

Developer S

A top 5 listed developer, Developer S has completed properties yet still has 300 units unsold. We helped convert more than 160 unsold units within 4 months prior to the project's completion. In total, more than 270 units were converted within a 6-month contract period.

Developer c

A top 10 listed property developer focused on clearing overhang units. We helped the developer clear more than 400 overhang units to date through bulk purchase arrangements to expedite cash recovery.


Selling 50-100 Units Within 6 Months to help improve project's cashflow

Developer T

A top 10 listed property developer aiming to improve sales for an under-construction project. We ensured all unsold units were sold prior to completion. More than 80 units were converted, with the project slated for completion by the end of 2025.

After launching and selling 60% of the project, sales stalled. We helped clear 80 units across three deals, bringing the project to nearly 100% sold with 18 months to go until VP.

Developer V

Focused on improving sales and cash flow for an under-construction project to ensure on-time completion. Initially they had less than 50% of the units sold, we successfully brought over 300 prospects and converted more than 200 units, bringing the project to over 75% sold status. 

Bumiputera Units

Helping To Meet Bumiputera Quota Requirements

Developer T

Developer had 300 bumiputera units, at 30% bumiputera quota. They have heard about FAR Capital, and decided to try us out as we have the largest bumiputera clientle in the country.

FAR Capital help brought more 200 buyers to help developer meet the bumiputera requirements. 

Developer A

Developer tried to get bumiputera release, but unsuccesful. They decided to use FAR Capital platform to move the balance 60 bumiputera lots. All units were booked and converted within 120 days

New Project Launch

Preparing New Project Launch For Success

Developer Y

On unfavored land in Kuala Lumpur (nearby muslim graveyard) we consulted a listed property developer with product design, pricing, and pre-sales strategy.

The developer decided to follow our full recomendation and strategy after successfully clearing more than 300 units of overhang and unsold under construction in 3 other projects by the same developer.

To-date, we have successfully converted more than 700 units out of 900 units. We also reserved one block of 500 units by putting a RM 4,000,000 deposit with the developer to show our level of commitment and believe in our own recomendation to the developer. 

80% of the buyer of this project today are sourced through FAR Capital.

Developer I

After two successful launches of almost 100 units, this listed developer decided to partner with us again. We are now assisting them in helping to create the right product, pricing, package, and launch strategy. 

Today, they are looking to develop landed property development on the east coast with total of 1200 units and RM 500,000,000 GDV. We are confident that we can get them hit 70% sales status within less than 9 months if they follow our full recomendation and strategies 

Why Choose FAR Capital

Largest investor clientele in
the Malaysia Market:

With over 25,000 clients, all with carefully filtered financial profiles, we are the trusted choice for investors over the last 10 years.

Advanced Proptech for Buyer Screening

Utilizing cutting-edge proptech, we bring pre-filtered property buyers with above 90% loan approval rate.

⁠Closed door projects sales without advertising to public

We offer private sales to avoid margin slashes from banks, valuation drops, potential blacklists, and complaints from previous public purchasers.

Specialised In Assisting Developers To Clear Bumi Quota

We specialize in helping developers to clear Bumi Quota, with over 70% of our clientele are Bumi.


We help educate buyers and this allow our buyers to get pretty decent ROI which means the property is very unlikely to become NPL.

Trusted by Leading Industry Developers

8 out of the top 10 developers in Malaysia trust Far Capital to deliver results.

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