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The Most Common and Costly Problems Homebuyers Encounter When Trying to Purchase Property!

You lost thousands but you have no exit plan on how to survive or gain profit and positive cashflow

Absolutely ignorance. You buy what the property agent ask you to buy. Without knowing is that exactly what you need.

As a result, you suffer negative cashflow, you lost hundreds of thousands and you can’t sell the property because there’ll be no profit for you

Buying a property with zero capital should be extremely easy. But, you choose to pay hundreds of thousands in order for you to buy the same property. 

Why it happens?
Because you are ignorance to seek for knowledge

Trust the property agent!

Yes! That’s what happen if you don’t have the knowledge.

You buy high, but you have to sell low because the property is not profitable at all. Thus, don’t trust the agent easily.

They got commission but you lost your hundreds of thousands.

If You Want To Buy Property In 2023, Pay Attention To These 3 Criteria ;

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  •   Can stay ( at least the next 3 -5 years, this property must be convenient, located near to workplace, place of interest and your social circle)

  •   Can rent ( you can cover at least 70% of your monthly installment. The more the better. But at least 70%)

  •   Can sell without incurring loss ( buy property that you can sell anytime without incurring loss because you enter at the cheapest price
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  •   Need to understand the pre, current and post purchase cost (downpayment, repair, furnishing cost, SPA stamp etc)

  •   Look at the comparison below between sub sale/ auction property vs under construction property

  •   Simply put, you need to have at least RM 60,000 in order for you to buy a sub sale/auction property and the price can skyrocketed up to more than RM 100,000 if the house needs serious repair. And this cost excludes the furnishing and also renovation cost.

  •   That’s why so many people prefer under construction property because it is a lot cheaper.

  •   Even some of the properties have irresistible offer where they will give you RM 30,000 cash back

  •   If you ask me, it is much better if I can get RM 30,000 and at the same time own a property rather than losing RM 60,000 to own a property.
Screenshot 2023 04 07 at 1.44.29 PM
Screenshot 2023 04 07 at 1.44.54 PM

The calculation is quite simple ; Low entry price = low transaction cost = low monthly repayment ( 20-30% cheaper) = low absolute price point

Screenshot 2023 04 07 at 1.43.39 PM

Thus, There Are 2 Questions That You Need To Seriously Consider ;

1) Do you want to buy property that will make you lose money because you don’t have unfair advantages.

2) Or, would you like to get unfair advantages to lower your risk and ensure you don’t lose money, gain more benefit and at the same time hassle free?

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