Shortcuts And Getting Ahead Rather Than Paying Million Ringgit Debts Like Someone..

Guys, please dont attend Sarjana Hartanah next month else you will be like this 24 year old guy who attended Sarjana Hartanah early this year and now recently purchased and secured a loan for his 5th property.

You will ended up having million ringgit of debts like him, and get someone else to serve paying your debts on your behalf!

Come to think of it, at 24 i was trying to buy my first property only…….now this guy already have 5 at 24!!

This what knowledge gives you, an advantage against those who knows less. I was recently asked during 1-ON-1 why do I have students that has purchased 18 properties but still bothered attending my Sarjana Hartanah and 1-ON-1 sessions.

I dont know for sure why but if I were to guess the real motivation for these guys would be :

1. Learn real experiences from experienced investors ( panel where we have a few successful investors share their personal investment experience ) how to reach their financial goals and avoid potential costly mistakes.

2. Shortcuts on best practices and latest updates + loopholes so that they can do things that a normal investor cant in today’s environment.

3. Networking with hungry, like minded people who will ultimately become guides where and what to invest in.

I think at this rate this guy could end up buying 30 properties by 30!

Quoting what another former student of mine recently shared :

“Without knowledge, someone with $$$ can loose their $$$.
But with knowledge, even if you dont have $$$, you can make $$$”

As someone who started with almost nothing, I couldn’t agree more!